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The 1990's

I was born at noon by a crossroads. On the cusp of Leo & Virgo.

The mail was delivered twice a day. My Dad wore a grey felt hat to work. In the winter he made an ice pond in our backyard.

I learned to read, dance, and draw. To play the piano and knock hockey. Then, I had my appendix taken out.

Favorite TV show: T.H.E. Cat, (what's "T.H.E." mean, anyway?) Secret Agent, The Avengers.

Wore evening gowns with full-length kid gloves. Learned French. Fell in love with a man from New Delhi. Went back to school in the fall.

Learned to mix tuna salad with my hands. Sat in Leslie West's lap. Got married. Got unmarried.

Had a root canal. Got struck by lightning. Fell in love with a musician. Maxfield Parrish was big. So were vintage clothes.

Picked up Frank Perdue at the airport. Rode in the Coca Cola hot air balloon.

Visited Nanzenji Temple in Kyoto. At Nara, the deer ate my musician's tie. Bought a house with a leaky basement, skied to work, discovered the Macintosh (hooray!). Requiescat in pace Dad.

We can see the Statue of Liberty from our window. Skied down Broadway in the Blizzard of '95.

Life with computers. Twice a day, huh! I get mail twenty-six times a day.

*Well, a half a century has gone by for the cusp and crossroads baby.

It's the milleneum. My musician and I are happy, bandwidth will always be an issue, and we have a house with no basement at all.