How to put on long
evening gloves.

Putting on long evening gloves is like putting on a pair of stockings. Don't try to jam your arm down the full length of the glove. The kidskin will stretch and distort and your gloves will look out of shape right away.
Instead gently gather the arm of the glove down to the wrist and slip your hand in. Smooth the glove over each finger first, one at a time, making sure the seams follow the contour of your fingers. Then smooth the glove over your palm.
Work the glove up your arm from the wrist aligning the seams as you go. Finally, button the three buttons at the wrist adjusting so the buttons align with your palm. Put on the other glove the same way.
Removing the gloves is the reverse of putting them on. Just remember never to stretch the kidskin, smoothing the gloves over your hands and arms will keep their shape.
It's kinda gross to think your gloves are made of kidskin, but this was the '60's you remember.

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