Walking Slowly Backwards Walking Slowly Backwards
Walking Slowly Backwards was intended to be my second CD for Periodic Music. It was scheduled for 1992, but Periodic unfortunately suspended operations before we could release it. These pieces were recorded in realtime directly to DAT without overdubs or editing. 

Included here are two-minute excerpts of all the original tracks. "10,000 Shades of Blue" and "Walking Slowly Backwards" were subsequently released on "Ten Thousand Shades of Blue", XI Records XI115, in 2001, available as a CD and as downloads from Amazon, iTunes, and eMusic.

The remaining tracks, along with two others from that era, have recently been issued as "Polychromatic Integers", available on the limited-edition Periphery record label.

"Walking Slowly Backwards" is for vibraharp solo. "An Open Hand" is for Chapman Stick and digital delays. "The Rising Night" and "An Unknown Number" are for computer-controlled E-Mu samplers and Yamaha WX-7 MIDI wind controller. "Desert Gardens" is for Stick and samplers; "The Naga" for keyboard and samplers. "10,000 Shades of Blue" uses the samplers and a Macintosh running M, an interactive music composition and performance program originally developed by Intelligent Music. 

Desert Gardens
The Rising Night
An Unknown Number
10,000 Shades of Blue
An Open Hand
The Naga
Walking Slowly Backwards